Five Reasons You Should Subscribe To Your Coffee

Five Reasons You Should Subscribe To Your Coffee

You don’t need to run out of coffee beans anymore. You don’t need to make your way down to the shops just to get another bag of the same thing over and over. Just subscribe to your favourite coffee beans or coffee grinds and get them delivered at regular intervals — like every two weeks or every month — so you’ve always got fresh, delicious coffee to hand.

Here are our top five reasons to subscribe to your coffee.

1. You'll never run out.

There’s nothing worse than a looming deadline without any coffee. You have to duck out of the office or your house to run down to the shops or to your local café to get a new bag (or a new bag and a convenient coffee while you’re there) and then come back and get stuck in.

Don’t waste precious, productive, energetic time hunter-gathering coffee that you could always have on hand.

A coffee subscription can arrive as often or as slowly as you like so that you get your coffee beans or grinds delivered at a pace that works for you. An absolute machine for caffeine? Get your single origin coffee subscription delivered weekly. More of a leisurely once-per-day-except-weekends sort of connoisseur? Get your espresso dark roast coffee subscription delivered monthly.

Save your brain power for where you need it most: your life, not your life admin.

2. You won’t have to recalibrate your machine.

You know the trouble. You’ve dialled your coffee machine right in finally and it’s extracting like a dream. Perfect grind amounts, perfect tamps, perfect pressure. It’s your coffee machine finally not just any coffee machine. But then you mix it up, as you’re wont to do sometimes, and it all changes. It’s grinding differently, your tamps are still alright but not great, and the pressure’s not quite right.

Not every coffee bean is the same. Their origin can change their character, just like with wine, and different roasts make for different oil profiles that can throw off your grinder and your extraction.

It’s not a huge hassle to recalibrate your coffee machine once or twice, adjusting your grind coarseness a touch, maybe even adjusting the burr itself, and making sure your grind amounts are suitable now too, but this does get annoying after you’ve done it with every new batch.

Ease the stress of having to constantly calibrate your coffee machine with a subscription for your favourite coffee beans or grinds. Calibrate once, get your beans delivered, and make the perfect coffee every time.

3. You know you'll love it.

The big one for most of us: if you’ve found something you love, don’t let it go. There are so many songs about this exact feeling and it applies to your coffee as well.

No, it’s not settling. It’s just coffee so you’re free to shop around but for best results you could get your coffee subscription as a daily driver for your espresso machine and shop around for a rotating single origin option for your Chemex or Aeropress.

They say you never know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone. That’s true of your coffee too. Make sure you never have to learn about the disappointment of an empty hopper compounded by the sad little song of an empty bag of coffee again.

Subscribe to your coffee.

4. It's less to think about.

You don’t need the extra stress. You’re busy enough. Your daily coffees are empowering you, energising you, getting you where you need to go. Don’t be distracted by the silly little road bumps life throws at you — like running out of coffee beans. Bleh. You need better, more interesting problems than that.

After all, you’re organised, switched on, killing it everywhere else. It’s impressive, really. So take that extra little thing off your plate so you’re not doing literally everything. Get a coffee bean subscription so you don’t need to think about topping up; think instead about how much you’re capable of just rocking up and crushing it.

5. Your coffee supplier will love you.

It’s no secret that businesses love loyal customers like you. You’re a part of the family, you’re friendly, and, frankly, you can help us forecast revenue so we can plan ahead some more. This isn’t just because of the money changing hands but because you’re part of a growing business together with us. Loyalty like that is always rewarded.

It could be with 20% off all subscriptions, it could be exclusive access to brand stories so that you’re part of a special cohort with a sneak peek under the hood, and it could be with insider access to upcoming product — all things we do here at Potblack Coffee as part of our coffee subscription.

Every coffee brand is different but one thing remains the same: we love great customers like you even more than you love your coffee. Hard to believe, we know, but it’s true.

Subscribe to get your coffee beans and grinds delivered.

A coffee subscription is the easiest, most reliable way to make sure you’ve always got coffee to hand when you need it. To get started with a subscription is easy: just check out our range of coffee beans and grinds below, choose your subscription on the product page, and pick a restock rate that suits you.

Then sit back and let us do the best part: getting you your incredible coffee as often as you need it. How good.

Any questions about our coffee subscriptions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Zac and the team.

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