How To Brew A Great Cold Brew Coffee

How To Brew A Great Cold Brew Coffee

Heatwaves are the perfect time to make cold brew.

It’ll be hot again tomorrow so get ready today with a clean, cold, and delicious cold brew coffee that you can make from home fast.

  1. Find a big jar.

    The more the merrier, to be honest, because cold brew is best shared with friends and family. Find a jar that’s a good size, mason or otherwise. Coffee absorbs flavour extremely well so make sure it’s clean otherwise you’ll be brewing your coffee with the leftover taste of whatever used to be inside it.

  2. Grab the scales.

    The secret to great cold brew coffee is more of a science than an art. Level your scales off by tareing the weight of your jar by itself. Then fill it with water so you know how much it can hold. Make sure not to overfill it so you can still fit the coffee inside and get the lid on.

  3. Do some maths.

    The best ratio for cold brew coffee is 8:1 water to grinds. Work backwards from how much water could fit in your jar: if you could fit 1,200 mL, for example, use a ratio calculator like this one to work out how much coffee you’d need. We’ve put a reference table below for ease.

    Volume of water Coffee required
    1,000 mL (1 litre) 125g
    1,200 mL (1.25 litres / 1 quart) 150g
    1,500 mL (1.5 litres) 187.5g
    1,750 mL (1.75 litres) 218.75g
    2,000 mL (2 litres) 250g
  4. Grind up that much coffee.

    When you grind your coffee beans (ideally Potblack Wanderer or Harrier coffee beans), grind it as coarse as you can. Dial your grinder all the way up. You want even thicker than rock salt texture as you’ll be soaking it for a while. Surface area contact with water helps the coffee extract more elegantly so you’ll have a more flavourful brew with the roughest grind you can get.

  5. Place your coffee in the jar.

    Get it level in the jar mostly for aesthetic reasons. It’s all going to brew overnight and evenly anyway.

  6. Fill your jar with water.

    Use filtered water for best results. Top your jar up with water. Make sure your grinds are evently mixed into the water — you don’t want any dry clumps sitting at the top because they’ll not distribute evenly. Now you’re just about done.

  7. Leave it in the fridge for 24 hours.

    The hardest part — not enjoying it too early.

  8. Come back tomorrow.

    To best enjoy a cold brew coffee, leave it to rest overnight — for either 12 or 24 hours — and then come back to it in for a beautiful, clean, cold coffee that’s extracted delicate, delicious tasting notes while it’s been brewing.

  9. Grab a filter.

    So you get the cleanest coffee possible, without any sediment, make sure to filter your cold brew coffee through a paper filter like you’d use for a Chemex coffee. We use a recycled Chemex filter to make sure we don’t grinds into your final brew but a fine strainer works as well too.

  10. Pour.

    With the filter or strainer between your jar and your cup, pour your cold brew carefully out. You’ll get a mixture of both coffee and grinds and if you’re not careful and your jar doesn’t have a spout, you might make a mess so be careful with your pour. If you’re not, you’ll splash cold brew all over the bench which is a needless waste.

  11. Enjoy.

    The vital last step: clear your filter or strainer and just drink the cold brew as it is. The blacker the better. And it’s ready to drink because it’s smooth and beautiful and delicious and, most importantly, not hot. Have a great time drinking your great cold brew.

  12. Optional: enjoy with a story.

    Enjoy your cold brew with a short story from Potblack for a curious dive into modern Australia fiction.

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