How To Brew The Best Hario V60 Pour Over Coffee

How To Brew The Best Hario V60 Pour Over Coffee

The Hario V60 is the ultimate in smooth, simple, discerning coffee.

It’s a small piece of equipment that’s cheap to run and efficient. You won’t run out of beans too quickly — a 250g bag of single origin coffee will get you to 16 brews — and you’ll be sure to impress anyone that’s just getting started on their coffee journey.

The perfect representation of third-wave coffee, the Hario V60 is perfect for weekday and weekend brewing where a Chemex might brew for you a bit too much or a bit too slowly. The process is super simple though so if you’re familiar with one then the other’s pretty easy to wrap your head around.

Here's how to brew the best Hario V60 pour over coffee.

Note: this article uses measurements for the V60-2 kit. The more coffee the better. For the V60-1 kit, halve the measurements.

What You’ll Need To Make Hario V60 Coffee

How To Brew The Best Hario V60 Pour Over Coffee

1. Grind 15 grams of your coffee medium-fine.

The Hario V60 is best done with the same kind of precision that created it. Embrace Japanese perfection as you make your V60 perfect every time. But: do what you can with what you have. Approximates will still get you a great coffee. Your brew, your rules.

For best results: grind up 15g of coffee medium-fine. You want your coffee to look like table salt — indistinct as, like, clumps but not so fine you can’t see the grains.

2. Boil the kettle to 95 degrees.

That’s right: not quite boiling. This will bring the flavour out of the coffee without burning it. If your temperature doesn’t have temperature control that’s alright but take it off just before it’s all really bubbling over.

You’ll also want the water to be as clean and pure as you can get it. Hard water can change the taste of your final brew. If you have a water filter, great. If not, proceed as usual but see if you can grab a purifier or filter next time you’re out for absolute precision.

3. Place your Hario V60 over your mug. Put these on the scale.

Do this over your mug or your cup, whatever you’ll drink your final brew out of. Tare the scale off with them stacked.

4. Fold the edge of your paper filter over, place it inside your V60 dripper, and pour 30mL (30g) of hot water over it.

A gooseneck kettle will be picture perfect but again: don’t overthink it if you don’t want to. What you’ll need to do here is pour the nearly-boiled water over your paper filter so it sticks to the glass and washes away and of the papery taste into your mug. Then, just throw the water out.

5. Transfer your V60 dripper atop the brewer. Place atop the scale.

It’s time to start brewing. Move your V60 dripper to the top of the brewer then transfer all of this too onto the scale. Tare it off and get ready to brew.

6. Add your coffee.

Dump your coffee grinds into the paper in the dripper. Level it off so you have a flat bed of coffee grinds in the base of the paper for best results. To do this, just lift your dripper off the brewer and tap it a few times so the grinds shift about.

7. Pour 50mL (50g) of water over your coffee.

Then pour 50mL (50g on your scale) of water over your coffee. Do this from the outside of your grinds in, in a circle, then leave to sit. Watch as your coffee blooms and gases escape and begin to brew your delicious Hario V60 pour over coffee.

8. Let this drain.

Let your initial 50mL pour drain all the way through so your grinds come out looking a little like sludge all up the sides of the paper in your dripper.

9. Pour out the rest of your water in bursts.

Run your nearly-boiling water through the rest of the grinds until you’ve poured out 210mL. Don’t fill the dripper as you do this: just pour, let drain, pour, let drain until you’ve got a full brewer and an empty dripper and a keen desire to get to drinking.

10. Discard your paper filter. 

Throw out your paper filter responsibly if you can. Remember: coffee grinds make a great fertiliser because they’re high in nitrogen.

11. Enjoy.

Now enjoy your Hario V60 pour over coffee. Drink it as is once you’ve left it to cool for a minute. For best results you’ll want to enjoy it while it’s still hot but remember: your brew, your rules. Pour it over ice for a cool coffee ready to drink straight away or even mix it with milk if you’re so inclined. Generally though we’d recommend to just drink it black and hot.

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