How To Make An Iced Long Black

How To Make An Iced Long Black

Iced coffee is a beautiful drink almost any time of year.

Find out how to brew it with reliable ease below.

For best results from the guide below, we recommend Wanderer beans.

1. Add ice.

Three-quarters fill your chosen glass or mug with ice. For Reels or TikToks, use interesting ice cubes — like a single large cube or perfectly round spheres, for example. 

2. Pour cold water.

Fresh, cold, filtered water straight from the refrigerator is best for flavour and texture. You could also use the water dispenser on the front of your fridge if it has one.

3. Add a double shot.

Our centrepiece, add a well-extracted double shot of espresso straight over the top of your cold water. Relax for a moment as you watch as it paints itself from clear water to a brown iced coffee.

4. Stir.

Stir evenly with a metal straw or spoon if the ice doesn't catch it. Otherwise, just circle your glass or mug in a rhythm to swirl the coffee throughout the water.

5. Serve and enjoy.

Now relax. Treat yourself to beautiful coffee.

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