How To Make Bulletproof Coffee

How To Make Bulletproof Coffee

Love a morning coffee but want to keep that caffeinated buzz running longer through the day without having to smash down another one?

Bulletproof coffee might just be the answer for you.

Bulletproof coffee is designed to combine the benefits of a great coffee and the stimulating effect of ketosis. By combining these two powerful effects, you’re fuelling yourself to become, as per the name, bulletproof.

Because bulletproof coffee is built around adding fats, not carbohydrates, to your breakfast, it’s designed to be a bio-hacking kind of replacement for a carb-heavy breakfast which fills you up and makes you lethargic. That’s not what you want first thing. Instead, fats and MCT oils provide carb-free calories that slow burn to keep you fuelled for longer.

The downside to bulletproof coffee, of course, is that using it to replace a breakfast so that you’re skipping carbs is that you’ll also be missing out on a nutrient-rich breakfast. You’ll put yourself into ketosis and burn fat but bear in mind that some of the fats you’re burning will be coming from the butter and MCT oils you’re using to create this trending new brew.

Making bulletproof coffee is simple. 

You'll need:

  1. 300mL of your preferred black coffee.
  2. Two tablespoons of butter or, for a dairy-free alternative, ghee.
  3. One tablespoon of MCT oil. Ideally, this MCT oil is extracted just from coconuts. If you’re new to MCT oils, start with one-third of a tablespoon and add more as you get used to it.

Add these ingredients to a blender and blend until combined. Then serve.

As a garnish, crush flakes of salt for that extra flavour kick. We’re huge Maldon fans here but sea salt flakes of any kind will work. Some fanatics recommend pink sea salt specifically so give that a try too if you’re up for it.

Note as well that you can make ‘bulletproof coffee’ without the MCT oil as this is what takes it from an accessible morning brew to something you have to prepare for ahead of time. Either way, the recipe is relatively simple.

Armed with a bulletproof coffee, you’ll be able to give yourself the morning calories to push through and, if you’re looking for ketosis or a relatively accessible way to potentially lose weight, skip breakfast altogether. Here at Potblack, we’ve not eaten weekday breakfast for years so don’t ask us the finer details on balancing breakfasts with or without bulletproof coffees. We just smash down black coffees all morning until lunch.


For fresh coffee beans that pair well with bulletproof coffee’s other fat-based ingredients, shop our range of espresso blend dark roast and single origin omniroast coffees.

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