How To Make Great French Press Coffee

How To Make Great French Press Coffee

French press coffee is an often underrated gem, perfect for mixing that espresso convenience with a splash of filter flair.

For that strong Mediterranean taste, follow this recipe with our house espresso blend, Wanderer.

1. Grind coarse.

French press coffee works best with a coarse grind because that helps avoid coffee dust silting in the brew when you pour. This method controls for that too to make extra sure.

If you’d like Wanderer ground instead of as a bag of whole beans, let us know when you place your order.

2. Heat your water.

Use a 12:1 water:coffee ratio and pour that water into your kettle. For a 350ml press (and 350ml of water), that's 30 grams of coffee grinds. Adjust your volumes to suit.

Don’t boil your water. Instead, bring it to a hot but not quite boiling 90 degrees.

3. Drop in your grinds.

4. Fill your French press with boiling water.

Now wait for two minutes.

Brewing filter coffee (which includes a French press) is a great way to set some time aside to read, think, cook, what have you. We encourage you to start thinking about something you want to solve while you wait now. There’s more waiting in a moment.

After two minutes, a crust will have formed atop your brew.

5. With the back of a tablespoon, break the crust open with a reverse scoop motion and then take all of the crust off the top of the brew.

Now wait for another five minutes.

Remember what it was you were thinking of? Follow that train of thought for a while. Pace, ponder. Read the back of a cereal box. Or a Potblack story. Relax. As the coffee grinds float slowly away to the bottom of your press, let your worries do so too.

You’re doing this waiting to let the grinds fall to the bottom of your filter so you can get a clean, easy pour without silt.

6. With five minutes up, place the lid back onto your French press.

But don’t plunge down to the bottom. Plunge so the metal filter is sitting flush in surface tension with your coffee.

7. Now pour.

8. Enjoy.

What you get is a smooth, clean French press coffee that’s delicious. For an escape to the Riviera, pair with an aperitif.

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