What Is Omniroast Coffee?

What Is Omniroast Coffee?

Omniroast coffee is an emerging term for a coffee that’s not quite a dark roast and not quite a medium roast, but somewhere in the middle. Omniroast coffees are generally special requests to the roasters from people like us here at Potblack looking for a particular kind of flexibility from their beans.

How should I drink an omniroast?

Omniroast coffee can be enjoyed any way you like. Omniroasts can skew a bit darker than a pure ‘medium roast’ for this reason — because they’re designed to be enjoyed in a variety of ways rather than just being roasted with one purpose in mind.

As an example:

You can drink dark roast espresso blend coffees, like Wanderer, pretty much any way you like. They’re roasted for espresso machines to make sure you get that familiar, strong, black coffee taste while also being suitable for filter coffee brewing methods like the Chemex and the French press. You just have to be careful to watch your ratios in some of those methods lest you lose the richer flavours by overpowering your brew with bitterness.

We’ve made this mistake before — we all have, it’s okay.

But the omniroast is easier to get right inside a finer, more manual brewing process because the more ‘purist’ nature of the final brew means you’re left with a coffee that can taste like itself, rather than like the strength of the roast or the flavour of your milk.

What should I expect from an omniroast?

If you’re a cappuccino or latte drinker exclusively, expect your omniroast to have less punch with which to power through your milk. This is for two reasons:

  1. The beans that you’d opt to omniroast (like we have) are chosen specifically for certain flavours and characteristics that will be lost when other ingredients are added to your coffee.
  2. An omniroast doesn’t aim to create that harder, stronger coffee taste with which you’re likely familiar. Omniroast coffee is designed to balance the bean’s innate taste and feel while allowing brewing flexibility.

If you were to drink an omniroast as an espresso, we’d recommend pouring single shots and drinking them black — the way the Italians intended.

How should I best enjoy an omniroast?

We’re a bit biased because we have a preferred brewing method overall but we definitely recommend filter brewing methods, like the Chemex, the V60, or the Aeropress. There are a range of other new filter coffee brewing methods though those three are tried-and-true.

As a tasting exercise, we definitely recommend pulling your omniroast as an espresso shot to compare and contrast the flavours with your familiar dark roast. For many people, these simple comparisons are the first of many steps down the journey to understanding better coffee — it’s like wine, after all.

Where can I shop omniroast coffee?

Shop our statement specialty single origin omniroast coffee, Harrier, available in 250g bags. Free shipping applies on orders over $60 Australia-wide.

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