When Should You Drink Espresso Coffee?

When Should You Drink Espresso Coffee?

Coffee at its most iconic, espresso coffee is the basis of most of the kinds of coffee with which you’ll be familiar. But when should you have an espresso coffee?

When you want a morning coffee to start the day

Because espresso coffee is a condensed shot of caffeine, it’s perfect for starting off the day. Coffee in the afternoon is totally kosher but it’s a great way to make sure you stay up all night. Kickstarting the day with an espresso coffee is ideal for getting stuck into your to-do list and making sure you have the energy to focus, smash it out, and get it all done.

When it’s a weekday morning

Weekday mornings are for getting up and going. Whether it’s a quick espresso shot before the gym or that first coffee in the office, an espresso coffee is going to get you where you need to go — and quickly. That makes espresso coffee perfect for Monday to Friday, 9 to 5.

When you need a pick-me-up

Literally meaning express in Italian (which is why people also incorrectly call it ‘expresso’), espresso coffee is perfect for when you just need a shot of energy to get up and get going. In fact, the true Italian café doesn’t really accommodate for long sit down brunches: you order your espresso and drink it quickly at the bar before getting on with the rest of your day.

When you’re in a rush

Because it’s so fast — taking around 30 seconds to brew a single shot — espresso coffee is perfect for when you just need something a bit stronger than water to get you to wherever you’re going next.

You can overextract your espresso or opt for a double shot if you’ve got a bit more time but that’s another part of the magic of espresso coffee — you have a wide range of options from a simple starting point.

When you want to add milk and sugar

Unlike filter coffee, espresso coffee pairs well with milk and sugar. You could probably add sugar to a filter coffee and largely retain a similar experience but adding any kind of milk will dilute the flavour of the filter so much that it’s almost pointless.

When you want coffee that’s creamier

One of espresso coffee’s most iconic features is crema, that golden brown layer atop the shot. This crema is a byproduct of the espresso brewing process so even if you use the same beans by filter coffee you’ll wind up a softer, thinner coffee. To be specific: crema is what happens when hot water emulsifies the oils in the coffee grinds that make up your shot.

When you’ve got a looming deadline

Staring down the barrel of a tight deadline? Smash it out with an espresso coffee that’s fast, easy, and effective at giving you energy, focus, and drive to get done what you need to get done.

So when should I drink filter coffee?

Espresso coffee is lean, mean, and fast. It’s our go-to brewing method, like for most people, but there’s something about the ritual of filter coffee that means we reserve it for slower, more special occasions. Like these:

When you want to slow down

Brewing filter coffee takes longer than brewing an espresso shot. For us, this is part of the appeal. We’re not always in a rush and even though coffee is an energetic drink, it doesn’t have to be rushed or stressful. We love the slow brew of a Chemex coffee on a lazy Sunday morning to help us appreciate all the time that we might otherwise take for granted.

When it’s a weekend morning

Saturdays are up to you but, for us, Sunday mornings are reserved for me-time. Here at Potblack, that looks like a filter coffee brewed to perfection with a single origin bean for a stunning taste on our own schedule.

Drink Wanderer espresso coffee

For a strong espresso coffee taste, brew with our signature Wanderer espresso blend.

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