Submit Your Writing To Potblack

G’day guys, Zac from Potblack Coffee here. I want to read your writing.

I founded Potblack for a few reasons:

  1. I love great coffee.
  2. I wanted an outlet for my writing that I owned. That wasn’t just a Substack account or a Medium blog again.

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My Story

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. The first ‘book’ I ever wrote was a fantasy novel called Dwarf which I handwrote in a 96-page notebook when I was 11. I remember my fingers stained with blue ink, smelling like the stuff, and then carving out a lot of time during year six classes to use the one computer we had in the back room to type it all up. I’m not sure why I was allowed to do that. Then in grade 12, in a spare study period we had, I wrote a novel called August that would be pretty close to the worst romance drama anyone’s ever written. But I had the bug. I wrote a short story for my QCS writing exam if you remember those. Think of it like an overall high school final. I wish I’d been able to keep a copy of that. I remember it being alright.

And then I went and did an arts degree, majoring in Creative Writing, and I graduated with a lot of uncertainty about what to do with myself afterwards. I published a short stories in a flash fiction magazine called Seizure which was my first foray into digital publishing. I loved it. Since then, I’ve written countless short stories, started NaNoWriMo five times, finished it three times, and I’m working on my novel Breakbone — which you can read an excised chapter of here — that’s a private eye murder mystery set here in Brisbane’s developing Cross River Rail tunnels.

In 2020 during COVID lockdown in the UK I started tracking how much words I wrote in a spreadsheet every day. In 2021, I kept that up for the whole year. In 2022, I wrote 1,000 words a day at a minimum. In 2023, I wrote 764,000 words. But I didn’t publish a lot of them. Now, in 2024, I’m aiming to write 1,000,000 words. But I’m also aiming to publish 100,000 words of my own — and the words from others!

I don’t want Potblack to just be a showcase for my own work. I want it to celebrate fresh Australian writing. So if you’re an Aussie writer keen to publish some flash fiction, short fiction, a personal essay, or anything else that might be interesting — not sure on poetry, sorry…. submit it but not promises — submit it through the form below.

Submission Details

  • Submit as either a .pdf or a .docx.
  • Keep your formatting clean so I can read it.
  • Title the document like so: Title — Name
  • Happy to publish pieces that have been published elsewhere.
  • Looking only for Aussie writers at the moment. If you’re an Aussie overseas that also counts.
  • Ideally keen on standalone pieces but we’re open to publishing parts of novels that people can read the rest of elsewhere.

We want to publish a new piece each week. Accepted pieces will be published on our blog, emailed out to our newsletter list, and printed in orders and mailed out.

We’ll pay $50 for accepted pieces and we’ll provide some editing notes but final cut will be at your discretion.


Not a writer but want to contribute?

If you want to support new Australian writing and emerging Australian writers but you’re not a writer yourself, buy some coffee. Potblack Coffee pays every writer for their pieces and the more coffee we sell the more we can pay and the more writers we can publish.

Any questions?

Feel free to email me directly at if you have any questions!

Cheers folks.

Can’t wait to get reading.